Launch Week!!!

Well... This is going to be one busy week for me!  Today at Noon Eastern, I'm doing a web cast for beginning web developers titled "ASP.NET Soup to Nuts: HTML Basics" where I'll discuss the fundementals of HTML.  It's going to be a great kick off to my whole Soup to Nuts web cast series on ASP.NET 2.0.

Tomorrow, in Detorit, I'll be presenting at the Detroit Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Launch event.  Immediately followed by an academic event up at Wayne State U... that'll surely be one busy day.

Wednesday through Friday, I'll be down in Orlando at the National Business Aviation Association's 58th annual convention.  I'll be working with the NASA guys on the "Cockpit of the Future" display.  We'll also be answering a lot of questions about what's coming up at a Q&A panel.  If you're going to be down there, stop by and look me up at the NACM (National Consortium for Aviation Mobility) stand... that's the NASA/FAA group sponsoring our development on the future cockpit technologies.


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