Looking forward to a few days off… sort of…

Well... It's Saturday night and I'm still working on the content for our next series... the "Best of Launch" events.  We've filtered out all the fluff and we are just going to focus on the "real deal" with this content.  You're going to love it... if you can attend!  It seems that our registration numbers are going through the roof.  That's great for us... and for you... Remember, by attending, you'll receive a full copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition.  That's real cool!  Sign up quickly at http://www.msdnevents.com because the slots are going fast.  Unfortunatly, if registration is closed, you can't get in... they're simply isn't enough space.  We're looking into all kinds of ways to get larger venues, etc, but at this point it's first come first serve.  We're simply amazed at the number of attendees we're going to have.  We've already closed registration for several events simply because we can't get more space.  It's going to be great.

Oh, by the way, if you're going to be at one of my events and would like to volunteer to help keep the crowd in line, etc, please drop me an e-mail and we'll make sure you get something special.  (We're looking for about 5-7 people per event, so they'll go fast!!)

This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'll be out of the office and out of touch, so don't expect a response too quickly.  I'm going to go to New Richmond, Wisconsin and pick up my new toy... a BD5J... that's right, James Bond's AcroStar MiniJet.  Well, not his, but one just like it.  It doesn't have an engine but I have located one (actually four) in Canada and I'm currently looking into what it would take to import it.  My lawyer doesn't seem to think there will be much of a hassle given that the engine was made in the US.  Reimporting it shouldn't be a problem.

Well... that's about it for now... I'll keep you posted!



Comments (2)

  1. Keith Farmer says:

    I was informed it was to be VS Pro???

  2. Wm Steele says:

    No… for our "Best of Launch" events, we are giving away SQL Server and VS2005 Standard.


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