Wow… it’s like Christmas Today.

After a fantastic event in Lousiville Today, I got home to see a nice package on my workbench.  It was my Garmin 396 GPS... the mac daddy of all GPSs... with XM Weather.  In addition to it, I also received a nice WMA player... the iRiver H10.  Sweet... this little ditty has a FM tuner built in and can actually record those FM broadcasts... sort of like Tivo... only a 2 ounce Tivo.  Sweet!  I'll be setting it up to record Car Talk... or rather Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers program from NPR... love that show.

Anyway, my GPS... if you haven't seen this GPS before... hold your breath.  It's an aviation GPS (duh?  it's for me!) and it even include an "Auto Kit" that allows me to also do street naviagation... but that's not all.  I've got the AirGizmo panel dock for it and I'll be mounting that sucker in my plane... (I'm pulling out the old Loran to make room.)  That'll be the cheapest... or rather least expensive solution to put weather in my plane... plus I get a great GPS out of the deal.

I can't way to start wiring it all up Thursday. 🙂 

Don't forget, Tomorrow is my event in Cincinnati... check out to sign up.  I'm also doing a little event in the evening over at The University of Cincinnati.  They've been wanting me to get over there for some time, so Tomorrow is the day.

See you there!


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