Ahh, PDC at last.

Well... Today was my first day at the PDC out here in LA... and wouldn't you know it, we lost power out here too!  Go figure.  Today is actually a preconference day... the actual sessions start Tomorrow.

Anyway, I've already seen a bunch of folks I know... starting with Mike Wood... ran into him waiting for our flight in Cincy.  Cool... we had a fancy dinner at McDonalds... or was it lunch... with the time change, my diet is all screwed up.  I haven't eaten after 3:00pm in several weeks... loosing a total of 10 lbs so far... but with this time change... that would be noon... jeesh... oh well.

I saw Ted Pattison and Fritz Onion do their thing Today... they're a pretty good team.  I'll be helping Fritz out on Thursday do a webcast from his booth... that's cool.  Here's a little bit of useless trivia... the current content we're presenting at our sessions was developed by Fritz... and as I learned Today, Ted helped out a bit too... apparently he's a UI guy, too... so Fritz passed those duties off to him.

Have you heard about http://www.DevRadio.com or http://www.DevTelevision.com?  If not, go check them out... we're going to be doing a bunch of video and audio programs around all the stuff we do.  Check it out.  (And thank Joe Stagner for doing an excellent job!)

Well... going to run back over there... they've got a "Birds of a Feather" that I want to attend...  More updates to come.


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