Well… I’m back from Mississippi and Louisana

This last week was very humbling.  I spent it flying supplies to badly needed areas hit hard by Katrina.  I flew a total of about 45 flights and delivered over 17,500 MREs, bottles of water and other supplies.  I'm just amazed at all the damage.  Being from the midwest, I'm used to seeing damage from tornadoes - in fact, I was even in a car tossed by one in 1992.  But this is nothing like that... Tornados cut paths... hurricanes don't... they just level everything in sight.

Words can't really express the magnitude of it.  Those of you that know me, know that I'm not one of the types of people who display a lot of emotions, but there were times I had too.  I have a vivid memory of one airport seeing several kids... must have been about 6 or 7... helping carrying the supplies from the plane to a waiting pick up truck.  These kids... well... I'm just tearing up again... these kids were so pleased... I guess that's the word... thankful that I was there.  Their parents understood when I said that as much as I'd love to stay and help out more, I had to move on and resupply others.  It was a very emotional experience for me.

Anyway, I am asking for your help now.  Each trip we fly costs between $200 and $400 per flight just for fuel alone.  Please donate to http://www.angelflightamerica.org or http://aircareall.org to help out - we're going to be really ramping up these flights and helping bring in much needed medical supplies, food, water, paper products, everything.  There is basically no infrastructure left down there, we need to help them replace it all, so, please give generously.

Thanks and I hope to see you at either the PDC or a future MSDN Event.


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  2. Well, I made it to LA.  Flew out of Cincinnati airport (CVG) this afternoon and arrived at LAX about…

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