This will be one busy week for me!

Ok, Folks... I'm back at full speed!  Here's my schedule for the week.

Monday, 2:00PM EST - Webcast: Implementing Security for Mobile Device Solutions

Tuesday: 1:00PM EST - Live Event: East Lansing (Okemos), Michigan

Wednesday: All Day - Personal Time - Taking my Dad to see his Liver Doctor in Indianapolis.  (He's doing much better!)

Thrusday: 1:00PM EST - Live Event: Detroit (Southfield), Michigan

Friday: 1:30PM EST - Driving Home, Team Call, Prepping for PDC!!!

Ok... for more info on those three events, simply click the link.  Don't forget to register.  I'm hoping to have at least 300 people at each of my live events and I'd love to see more at my webcast.  Come on... you can do it... yeah!!!!


Comments (2)

  1. JasonF says:

    I’ll be seeing you on Thrusday. Should be a good afternoon.

  2. Wm Steele says:

    Here is the code for my Mobile Security Webcast.

    Have fun!


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