My Flying Car Concept.

Well... here it is, the first official drawing of my Flying Car design.  What do you think?


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  1. JasonF says:

    And what does it look like when broken apart?

    This surprisingly looks similar to what I was evisioning, except I had the single overhead wing dedign instead of your cool futuristic bi-wing (that bottom "wing" is part of the design, right?)

    My vision also had the forward part be the detachable piece, leaving what you have as the wings and aft (including prop, etc) as a stand-alone flight module. I’ll see if I can get creative and draw out my design too.

    But, I think that if I ever bought a flying car, that I would prefer being seen in your sports model versus my utilitarian model. 😉

  2. Wm Steele says:

    Here is a second (more refined) version:

    By the way, that lower wing only goes out to the wheels, the rest is just a shadow under the main wing. It contains the "driveshaft" and everything else for the wheels.


  3. JasonF says:

    Absolutely brilliant, IMHO.

    Even though this is just a concept drawing, I’d be concerned about not having enough weight aft of the wing.

    The placement of the engine in your current drawing is probably too close to the center of gravity for it to create enough moment to counter the moment created by the pilot (and all of the other forward weight). Yes, you _might_ be able to trim while in flight (if you can even get off of the ground), but think about all of that wasted fuel!

    BTW: I am not a pilot [but do have aspirations], but I do have a lot of experience with aircraft weight and balance (big birds).

  4. JasonF says:

    Some Flying Car links to supplement your information:

    Interestingly enough, the AVE Mizar (slapped a Cessna Skymaster onto a Ford Pinto) was the only one that apparently crashed:

    And furthermore, it actually looks a lot like the design that instantly popped into my head when I first read your Flying Car post (the Skymaster-like design with push prop and dual boom stabilizers):

    Philosophical side note:

    Now, if reincarnation exists, and if you consider the date that the Mizar crashed…. Well, let’s just say that maybe I was Henry Smolinski in a past life… In which case, I think I’ll stop designing my flying car now and move on while I still can.

    One more for kicks:

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