Wow… the offical first day at Oshkosh.

I must say, Wow.  So far, I've seen several very cool planes that I did even know existed... and to top off the entire day, SpaceShipOne carried by The White Night ( landed Today.  Here's a video of them doing a cool flyby -

I also sat in a cool presentation on the future of light sport aircraft.  Sid (one of my Nasa buddies) was the host... he's invited me to the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assocation) Convention in November to speak about the stuff I've worked on, tres cool.  Tomorrow, I'll be attending a session with Burt Rutan and Paul Allen... looking forward to that one.

Signing off for now... we're having a pretty good storm as it sits right now... hopefully it won't blow the RV away.


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