Blogging – Live from Oshkosh, WI (EAA AirVenture Air Show)

Well, this week I am on Vacation.  And I'm spending it with my Daughter at the EAA AirVenture Convention/Air Show in hot Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  I haven't found very good connectivity, yet, so I'm GPRSing it over my i-Mate SP3i phone.  Good thing T-Mobile works here on AT&T's network.

Man, think about that... 10 years... scratch that, 5 years ago, this was virtually unheard of... I love progress... now I just wish it were about 100 times faster. 🙂

Sometimes, you just have to think about things like that... I mean really, just a few years ago, we were so impressed just to be able to make a phone call from a car... I remember my first cell phone... it was installed in my 1993 Saturn SC1... loved that car... loved the phone... but it was huge... the handset alone was 5 times the size of this phone... AND the real part of the phone was installed in the trunk, which was about 5 lbs worth of goodies... battery, transmitter, wiring, etc.  It was a cool phone (Audiovox/Cellular One,) because it could actually store 99 whole phone numbers in it... that was an upgrade from the "standard" model that could only store 10 numbers.

Now, jump to 2005, this phone is allowing me to browse the internet, post this blog, check my e-mail... wait a minute... I'm on vacation... scratch that e-mail thing... I won't be checking it all week. 😉  I can even take pictures and post them (later.)  What a time we live in.

I spoke last year at EAA AirVenture ( and this year I'm just attending classes and looking around for ideas.  One of the things I'm looking at is my "next" airplane... as most of you know, I'm building an RV8A (  Well, that plane is close to being done... I only have about 4 more years go to on it. 🙂  But, I'm now looking at down the road at the next one... I'm thinking about a nice 4 place... like the RV10 ( or something similar.

Well... stay tuned... I'll be posting updates all week.


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