Hey Bill, why isn’t there any events in [Your Area] this quarter?

That's a great question that a bunch of people are asking.  Well, the answer is simple.  I cover Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tenessee, and there are going to be 7 events around the Ohio area this October alone.  They're simply not showing up on the calendar yet, because that calendar only displays events out 2 months.

Since there are no events in July, and I have some training events in August... I don't get rolling until the September timeframe, but with PDC, etc, I'll be busy there, too.  So, my "regular" events (except for two in Michigan) don't really ramp up until Sept/Oct timeframe, when I have a flurry of them.

Now... don't fret about the content... Q1, because of July, actually goes through October, so you see the current content.  (In November, we have the SQL Server 2005/Visual Studio.NET 2005 launch events, so our content then will be around it.)

Stick with me... I'll be doing a number of other events besides my MSDN events as well, I'll be focussing a lot more on Users Groups, etc.



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