I’m doing a web cast titled "Building a Click Once Toolkit"

This is a pretty cool webcast, where I'll show you a little class library that I threw together to aid in adding ClickOnce features to your application.  Here is the source code. http://www.wjsteele.com/clickonce.zip.  In that zip file, you'll find a project that contains a few classes, there's a class for an UpdateLink control, one for a VersionLabel control and finally, the control called the "TaskBarNotifier" which includes a little Toast (blatently taken from John O'Byrne's CodeProject article - http://www.codeproject.com/cs/miscctrl/taskbarnotifier.asp) to notify the user when a new update is avilable, and the current staus of deployment.  Very cool stuff, check it out.

Sign up for my webcast here: http://www.microsoft.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?CMTYSvcSource=MSCOMMedia&Params=%7eCMTYDataSvcParams%5e%7earg+Name%3d%22ID%22+Value%3d%221032270522%22%2f%5e%7earg+Name%3d%22ProviderID%22+Value%3d%22A6B43178-497C-4225-BA42-DF595171F04C%22%2f%5e%7earg+Name%3d%22lang%22+Value%3d%22en%22%2f%5e%7earg+Name%3d%22cr%22+Value%3d%22US%22%2f%5e%7esParams%5e%7e%2fsParams%5e%7e%2fCMTYDataSvcParams%5e 

(Man... that's a heck of a url!)


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  1. Just got out of a ClickOnce MSDN WebCast titled "Building a ClickOnce Toolkit".It was hosted by William…

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