DevCon in Detroit

Wow... this is one busy week for me.  Tonight, I'll be in Dayton, Ohio ( doing a fun session with Matt Hester.  Matt and I are going to host a Question and Answer session.  We did one of these a couple weeks ago and it was great.  No format, no powerpoint, no whatever... attendees just ask a question and we do our best to answer it... or get you in touch with someone/something that can. 😉  Oh... did I mention the free pizza?

And Tomorrow, I'll be up in Detorit, Michigan ( speaking at the Visual Studio 2005 Developer's Conference.  I'll be doing a cool session where I'll show everybody the new ASP.NET Data features.  This stuff is so cool, you can actually write an entire application without ever writing a single line of code.  That's cool.  And, it's efficient, because it allows you to also control all the caching, making a cool app even better!

Anyway... hope to see you there!



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