This weeks events: Lexington, KY and Dayton, OH

This week I will be presenting in Lexington, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio and I will have a special guest...  well, actually a new member of my team, Susan Wisowaty.  Susan will be covering our events, mostly south of my area, while Ron Cundiff is working on a special project, but she'll fill in for me a few times this year as well.  (By the way... I have no idea how to pronounce her last name yet... I just keep thinking back to Barney Miller and the charcter named "Wojciehowicz.")

Anyway, this week's talk is about Advanced WinForms development, ASP.NET Troubleshooting and I'll give you a nice PEEK and Visual Studio Team System where we'll POKE around and find out what NEW is available.  (I love bad puns!)

On a little side note... I'm sitting here at home watching a program on the SciFi channel called Total Reality... it's a cheesy movie about some convicts who are sent back in time to capture another convict... but any way... I decided I had enough, when one of the convicts pulled out A STAR TREK TRICORDER (the type from the Next Generation) and started a truck, (or "turk" as one convict called it.)  They didn't even try to make it look different, it was the same exact Tricorder that you see "Data" using all the time.

Oh well... guess their budget was a little lower.

By the way... sign up for these events at  (Scroll down to see the Winter program selection.)


Comments (9)

  1. Joe says:

    Just wanted to say I attended your event today and learned alot and enjoyed my time spent with you and microsoft.

  2. Paul says:

    I also attended your presentation today, and I have to say that you are probably one of the best speakers at these things. Your talks are always entertaining and usually informative.

    One question: where will you post the extra code & media files you showed us today?


  3. david says:

    hi bill, loved the presintation and the information. where can i get see the media files? especially the one on the FRIES it was a riot and i think everyone at the office would love to see it. thanks David.

  4. Bill says:

    Everyone want’s to know where I got the videos for my sessions… so here they are:



    Office Space:

    Also, Susan’s demo code can be download from

    Have fun!


  5. Bill says:

    Well, apparently the Muppet’s link is no longer valid, so here is another version of it


  6. Sean says:

    Bill & Susan,

    Just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your Dayton session. That was my first session and if they’re all as informative as this one you’ll be seeing me at each quarter’s sessions 🙂

    I did have a quick question. During the debugging asp.NET session you had mentioned a book and I failed to take down the name of it. I want to say it was it was called "Writing Secure Code" but I’m not sure if that’s the book you mentioned or whether I’m just recalling that from somewhere else. Would you mind posting the title of if?



  7. Bill says:

    Ah…. that’s that third thing I wanted to post. 🙂 That book… it is called "Writing Secure Code 2" by Michael Howard and David LeBlanc (ISBN: 0-7356-1722-8)… here is a link to it:

    I recommend every single architect, developer and tester read this book. It contains great information on how to secure your application as well as demonstarates several types of hacks that can occur, so that you know what to look for.


  8. Lawrence says:

    The course was one the best and enjoying course I have taken in a long time.

  9. Joe says:

    I wasn’t so impressed with the Dayton session. You didn’t cover anything that I didn’t already know in the first two sessions and spent so much time on them that you had to gloss over the session on Team System, which is what I was mostly interested in anyway. I also found it interesting that you failed to mention a bug in the TransparencyKey property which you spent too much time covering (it doesn’t work for screen depths of greater than 24-bit.) I didn’t say anything during the session because I didn’t know the details of the bug, but only knew it didn’t always work. I have since found MS knowledge base article 822495 which details the problem. I would like to see some of these types of events that cater to MCPs and therefore offer more advanced topics.

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