My presentation in Lansing and GrandRapids.

So... this week, I'm in Michigan, doing events in Lansing and Grand Rapids.  We're talking about Advancded Windows Forms development, ASP.NET Troubleshooting and Visual Studio Team System.  This is one fantastic session!

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  1. Bill says:

    Everyone want’s to know where I got the videos for my sessions… so here they are:



    Office Space:

    Have fun!


  2. Michael Pfeffer says:

    Thanks again for all the information and posting the clips

  3. DANIEL says:



  4. Eric R says:

    Your presentation in GR was very informative. VS 2005 looks fantastic! And the videos were icing on the cake. Thanks!

  5. Vince S says:

    Always an informative presentation.

    Thanks … and thanks for the ‘freekin french fries’ (ROTFL) link.

  6. Hi Bill,

    I am still very disappointed in not being able to attend (having looked forward to it for two months)! I was summoned to a facility that had been severely hacked. I did capture the intruder’s IP address, personal web site, 20 separate tools, and detailed files recording intruder activity. I provided the client with intruder’s photograph and a list of 15 other compromised servers. Looks like we will get more business with them… Does Microsoft have a unit that examines submitted forensic samples?

    I’d drive to Indianapolis for Thursday’s session, but now must get other clients caught up. When will the code samples, slide decks, etc. be available?

    Jim McQuaid

  7. Mike O'Neill says:


    Saw you again here in Grand Rapids. Good presentation as always. Thanks for the manamana link. 🙂

    Dropped by looking for the slide decks and code samples, particularly the info on protecting from SQL injection attacks and the info on tracing on the server.

    Looking forward to your webcast series on Team Foundation Server. I’m sure you’ll let us know when!

    — Mike

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