MSDN Events in Lousiville and Cincy this week.

Don't forget to attend my MSDN Events in Lousiville, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio (Actually, Newport, KY, but who's counting.) this week.  Tomorrow, I'll be down in good ole Louisville (silent 'S' in the pronounciation.)  Tim Landgrave will be down there giving me a few pointers... actually, quips... or whatever they actually are.  I'm going to try and con him into doing one of my sessions.  (We'll see if he actually remembers I gave him the content a while back.)

Anyway... I'm (or rather, we're) going to be showing you some VERY VERY VERY cool demos.  I'll start off with a little WinForms extreme programming, (not that XP stuff,) but real programming.  Then I'm going to dig into why my app won't work... because there just might be a little problem with my web service. 😉  So, we'll spend about an hour debugging it.  And finally, I'll wrap it up with a cool demo of Visual Studio Team System.  (I'll even reverse engineer my app that I just made... so you can see what the future looks like.)

Anyway... sign up for these events at  And, if you can't attend my events, still check out the site, because we just might be in your neck of the woods this week, too.


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  1. Dave says:

    I liked your presentation a lot. It was my first one, and I learned a lot. I plan on coming to the Spring one.

    When you were talking about Steve Balmer’s "DEVELOPERS" speech, I was reminded of the RedVsBlue ( episode where one of the characters, Sarge, said that he wrote that speech. It was a good episode.

    Here is the link

    Check it out.

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