Dayton and Mansfield

Ok... this week my events are in Mansfield, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio.  I've got some rocking content as evidenced by my event yesterday in Mansfield... it was Great! 

First, we're going to show you some very cool things you can do with WinForms... in a session called "WinForms Bonanza - How to WinForms and Influence Users."  We have a rocking demo for you!

The second session is "Troubleshooting ASP.NET Applications."  Again, we're going to show you some things you probably didn't know about the troubleshooting tools available to you.  It's a real eye opener!

And lastly, we're going to show you what's coming up in Visual Studio with the new Visual Studio Team System features.  I'll show what tools and technologies are available for Architects, Developers and Testers.  This is some neat stuff... it's really going to help you improve the quality of your software.  Once you see it, you'll understand!.

Don't forget, we do these events all over the US, so check out and sign up for one in your area.



Comments (3)

  1. Hi Bill,

    I’m looking forward to WinForms; we’ll be able to immediately put to use what I glean from your session.

    The digital cockpit photos are quite interesting. I’ve read several articles about the Navy and Air Force engaging in similar projects.

    We’re using the Partners Action Pack internally on several machines, and we have renewed. I’ve warned that when the time-bomb date arrives, a reload will be necessary, but others here have expressed skepticism about the expiration effect. Do you know what we should expect?

    Thank you,


  2. William J. Steele says:

    Hi Jim,

    That’s great to hear! The software in the Action Pack is not Time Bombed so there is no issue with it dying on you, however, the license clearly states that if you do not renew, you must stop using the software and remove it.

    The reload is simply another payment for that year’s use – there’s nothing "technical" that you need to do that I am aware of.



  3. David Roberts says:

    Hi Bill,

    I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the presentation. Cool Winforms stuff and even better ASP.NET debugging tools and tips. I look forward to the combined Technet – MSDN presentation on March 17.

    By the way, Kudos on your project…what cool stuff that is!

    Thanks again,


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