Security Event Demos

Ok... by popular demand, I am posting all the demo code for the security webcasts on my website.  Link is here:  (The file size is ~5mb.)

Also, don't forget, I have a webcast Today (at Noon EST) on Canonicalization and Unicode Issues/Weaknesses and I have one Tomorrow (at Noon EST)on ASP.NET Web Application/Web Services Security... sign up for them at

Have fun!


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  1. Also, someone asked where the Question and Answers were for my last session. They are right here.


  2. LJ says:

    Thanks for the webcast today.

    I know (*ahem*…from experience) that it always feels really *awkward* to have to debug code during a demo. But from where I sat, it was helpful to me to watch an experienced person track down the problem.

  3. Thanks. You won’t believe this, but I had not seen that slide deck/demos until about 5 minutes before the session started. The deck that they had up, and the one I went over yesterday, was put up by mistake. Normally, I’m in control o fhtem, but I was doing this even for someone else, as a favor. So, I didn’t realize there was a problem, until I looked out at That’s when I noticed that they were wrong.

    So… 10 Minutes before the event started, I started up a new VPC, got the slide decks uploaded… printed the Demo script… which was way wrong, and ran with it.

    Tomorrow’s event will be great… I put it together! Hope I see you there!


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