Moderation and Las Vegas.

It seems that some *$@% has figured that he can start using my Blog as a place to SPAM everybody.  So, I've turned moderation on.  This will keep it out of everybody's RSS feed.  Sorry, one bad apple.

I promise, I will, without personal regard, post all valid posts and remove all SPAM crap. 😉

By the way, I will be Las Vegas all week at our team meeting.  It seems our managment is throwing us a Christmas party out there, so I'll have to wear another suit and tie.  Jeesh... I didn't realize that working for Microsoft would involve me wearing so many darn Ties.  That's like 4 times in the past 6 years!

Oh well... I guess I'll suffer through it.  Now... where are those Black Jack tables?


Comments (1)

  1. You were just outstanding in Grand Rapids today! We will migrate a key app as a consequence of your presentation. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Windows Forms seminar. Keep your hand over your wallet pocket in Las Vegas…


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