Cincinnati & Lousiville next on the agenda.

Wow, Lexington & Dayton were great events... now we'll see how well I can keep the momentum going for Cincy and Louisville.  The audience loved the OOP session... and I did too... the MapPoint turned out a lot better than I expected, everyone loved it... It's really cool stuff.  The ASP.NET Performance Tuning session has something for all developers and that VS2005 ASP.NET 2.0 stuff is SOOOOO cool.

This quarters seminars have something for everyone!  Love it.  (By the way... that was our strategy, and it appears to be working very well.)  Invite everybody you know... remember, every attendee gets the new Content DVDs.  These things are fantastic... with all the content, plus the Visual Studio Express editions to play with... you have everything at your fingertips to develop with... fantastic!

My Cincinnati event will be at the Raddison Hotel in Covington on the 21st of October.  The Lousiville event will be at the Clarion Hotel out on East Jefferson street on the 19th.  Hope to see everybody there.  To sign up, just go to and select the city.



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