Next on the agenda. Lousiville and Cincinnati.

Well... I've just returned from an awsome week in Pennsylvania.  Ken LeFebvre did a fantastic job and I had a blast.

Next week, Cincinnati and Lousiville.  In Louisville, I will be having Tim Langrave doing one of my presentations and I will also have another special guest - Rory Blyth.  Tim is one of the Regional Director for Microsoft.  I love to have guys like him speak at my events because so many people know him and know his skillset, etc.  Great Guy.

Rory is a new hire at Microsoft, some of you might know him from his "antics" on .NET Rocks! and his blog,  Anyway, Welcome aboard Rory!  Rory will be doing the same thing I am doing, except in the Seattle area.

Well... that's about it for this post... I need some sleep.


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