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Hello All.  My name is William J. Steele.  I'm sure most of you don't know who I am, but I am a Developer Community Champion covering the Great Lakes District for Microsoft Corporation.  I've been a software developer for most of my life... I started when I was about 8 years old.  (I actually started on an Apple I that my uncle built and then graduated to a Sinclair ZX81 that I built.)  Anyway... I'm going to use this Blog to talk about what I am doing (MSDN Seminars), what I love to do (Write Software and Fly) and to answer any questions that you might present me.  I sometimes make mistakes (I think) and I will also correct them here, if I can.  Hope to chat with you soon and keep checking back.  (In fact, register for my RSS feed and you can help me grow my seminars!!!)


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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Ohhhh, some of us have been waiting for you 😉

    Actually, really glad to see you blogging. Us Great Lakes people need more of a vocal presence.

    First off I would like to invite you to our User Group Meetings. Perhaps you would be willing to come to a Board meeting or two. I know its short notice but you are more than welcome to come Next tuesday to the board meeting Tuesday the 10th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Or the actual user group meeting on Tuesday the 17th. There are a few problems we have been wanting help with that you might be able to help with, we have sent a ton of emails to no avail but things like our listings of meeting in the Great Lake district on Microsoft is incorrect and things like that. We promise not to be too rough on ya. Heck we will even feed ya and tkae you out for a beer after the meeting. If you would like more information on what User Group? What are you talking about? because it is possable your not aware of our little Developer community up here.

    Anyway welcome to blogging

    A few other of the Michigan Bloggers Just in case you havent seen them yet.

    Mike Swanson also on the board here in GR. Great guy and has been our Microsoft Rep at the meetings and so on. I don’t think he gets any credit for doing all he does for the user group but he should get a lot more.

    And of course Alex Lowe who helped back before he worked for Microsoft to get the User Group going. Then MS hired him and took him over to the east side. Except he doesnt blog much.

  2. Mark Harr says:


    Glad to see your blog. I will definitely add you to my Newsgator list. Look forward to seeing you in Cleveland on Aug 26.

  3. David Shaw says:

    Welcome to the blog system. I’ll look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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