Programmatically create and configure a Client Certificate for use in your Windows Runtime based app

  Often there is a need in your Windows Store app (including Windows Phone 8.1) to access resources (such as a WebServer) which requires Client certificate authentication. You typically use the Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient class to send a HTTPs request to your WebServer and attach a Client Certificate with the request to access such resources. This blog…

Developing an app for both Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 platforms

This article surveys various approaches in porting an application for use in the Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms. The Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 – building together article identifies some benefits of this approach. You can plan in advance to ensure that the programming technologies that you use are compatible in the desired…

Mixed Media – Audio & Video – Windows Store vs. Windows Phone 8

As everyone knows, with the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 we have brought the two platforms closer together than ever before. The keyword here is “closer”. There are still some fairly major implementation and terminology differences between the two platforms particularly when working with digital audio and video. Hopefully this article will…

Looking back to understand the future: OpenFileDialog vs. FileOpenPicker

Most of us are familiar with the standard .NET OpenFileDialog object. With the introduction of Windows 8 Store apps the OpenFileDialog has gotten a facelift, a simplified API and yet somehow it’s still not quite the same. The new FileOpenPicker (or Picker) has been the subject of much mystery and confusion on the MSDN forums….

Why does the XAML designer report that my custom elements have not been built?

Consider a scenario where you’ve been working on developing business logic for your Windows Store app and you switch to the Visual Studio designer to check a UI element. You may notice the below message in the designer view of some XAML pages: The Design view cannot display correctly because some custom elements have not yet been built….


Ten Things You Need to Know About WebView

  Hi – I am Matt Small, a Sr. Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Windows Store Developer Solutions team.  I have been working on Windows 8 since before the Release Preview, and I have spent many hours working in the Store forums, primarily in the C# forum.  I’ve seen a *lot* of posts on the…