Windows Store app projects stopped generating the .appxupload file after installing VS 2015 Update 1

Problem A few people have noticed that their Windows Store app projects stopped generating the .appxupload file after upgrading to VisualStudio 2015 Update 1.   CauseThe project is not associated with the Store app.The StoreAssociation file path is missing from the respective project .csproj file. Either one of these causes listed above can stop the…

VPN Network connections from Store apps running on Connected Standby devices are very slow

The title says it all: when you make a network connection from your Windows Store app to a resource residing in your Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a device which supports Connected Standby (also known as Always On/Always Connected [AOAC]), the connection may be very slow.  A network trace of a Windows Store app connecting to…


Creating a WebSite for Polling Live Tiles

You can very easily have your app Poll for Live Tiles.  What is cool about that is that you don’t have to register for Push Notifications and you can easily show updates to all users of your apps with low overhead.  Also, the user never has to run your app for Live Tiles to update….


Background Tasks – Myths and Realities

A few weeks ago I was searching the forums looking for “hot spots” and noticed that there were a lot of misconceptions around Background Tasks. After about an hour of searching I was able to put together a list of what I feel are common misconceptions about Background Tasks. In the spirit of my favorite…