Notification Hubs Plus Mobile Services for Sending Windows Phone Notifications from a .NET Backend Service

NOTE: This blog post is now a bit stale. There is now full Notification Hubs integration with Mobile Services .NET backend for both versions of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight Windows Phone 8.1 Store or Universal apps Click the above links for the full tutorial. – Glenn On Thursday, the Windows Azure Mobile Services team…


New Love for WCF Data Services: Push Notifications

I have just published a new end-to-end sample that demonstrates how to use Windows Azure Notification Hubs to add push notification functionality to the classic Northwind OData service. I also blogged about this as a guest blogger on the Silver Lining blog. Sample: Send Push Notifications from an OData Service by Using Notification Hubs Windows…


Wrong Thread Exception Using Task-Based Extension Methods

I’ve been working on a new Windows Store sample that consumes an OData feed of Northwind data (the usual: Customer, Order, Order_Detail entity sets). To best demonstrate how use a new Windows Azure service to send push notifications from an OData service, I needed to be able to support the full set of CRUD behaviors…


Windows Azure Posters for Mobile Services and Mobile Gaming

There are several cool new “infographic”-style posters out for Windows Azure—I was lucky enough to get to work on two of them. Mobile Services Those of you who made it to the most recent //build/ 2013 conference in San Francisco a few weeks back may have seen the new Windows Azure Mobile Service poster being…


New Samples and Videos Featured for Mobile Services

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some exciting new videos and samples-related activity for Mobile Services—particularly for Windows Store apps. (You can find even more details at New Resources Mobile Services guru Nick Harris has been busy adding value to Mobile Services content and samples, including creating videos for…


Mobile Services Custom Parameters in Windows Store apps

Well, it’s now 2013, and I spent some time over the holidays messing around with using custom parameters in my mobile service… Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it rather easy to both read data from and modify data in a mobile service by using HTTP requests to the CRUD operations: POST, GET, PATCH. and DELETE….


Mobile Services: request new features, //build// demos, and a new poster

Some interesting things today for fans of Windows Azure Mobile Services, Microsoft’s cloud-based backend solution for mobile device apps… Mobile Services Feedback Site is Open I wanted to let you know that the Windows Azure Mobile Services team has opened up their feedback request site for you to provide feedback on and propose new ideas…


New Mobile Services Data Tutorials for iOS on the Silver Lining blog

Just a quick post today to call out some excellent posts by my compadre Ralph Squillace on using Mobile Services in iOS apps over on the Silver Lining blog: Windows Azure Mobile Services with iOS and Android Data Input Validation using the Windows Azure Mobile Services iOS client SDK Data Paging using the Windows Azure…


Visual Basic Version of the Get started with data in Mobile Services Tutorial

Folks have been asking for a Visual Basic version of the Windows Azure Mobile Services quickstart and tutorial. This is probably because the Windows Azure Management Portal currently does not support the generation of the quickstart project in Visual Basic—it’s only C# and JavaScript at this time. So, in the meantime, I have created a…