Adding push notification tags from the client–Node.js backend version

In my previous post, I showed how you can enable an Azure Mobile Apps client to add tags to a push notification registration using the installation ID available on the client. While fairly popular, my original post was only for a .NET backend mobile app, and I got lots of requests to show an equivalent…


Exposing a Stored Procedure in a .NET Backend Mobile Service

By default, Azure Mobile Services uses an Azure SQL Database for data storage. We have a new topic that explores how to call stored procedures in SQL Database from a JavaScript (node.js) backend mobile service: Calling SQL stored procedures with a JavaScript back end. After we published this new topic, it quickly generated a question…


Mobile Services Custom Parameters in Windows Store apps

Well, it’s now 2013, and I spent some time over the holidays messing around with using custom parameters in my mobile service… Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it rather easy to both read data from and modify data in a mobile service by using HTTP requests to the CRUD operations: POST, GET, PATCH. and DELETE….