Adding push notification tags from the client–Node.js backend version

In my previous post, I showed how you can enable an Azure Mobile Apps client to add tags to a push notification registration using the installation ID available on the client. While fairly popular, my original post was only for a .NET backend mobile app, and I got lots of requests to show an equivalent…


Adding push notification tags from an Azure Mobile Apps client

When a mobile app registers for push notifications using an Azure App Service Mobile Apps backend, there are two default tags that can get added to the registration in Azure Notification Hubs: the installation ID, which is unique to the app on a given device, and the user ID, which is only added when the…


Updates to My Cordova Push Sample and new Cordova Push Plugin

UPDATE (11/3/2015): The updates to my Cordova push notification sample has been merged into the source fork of the Mobile Services samples GitHub repo. As folks may remember, I published a Cordova push notifications sample for Azure to support my MSDN Magazine article: Microsoft Azure – Push Notifications to Cordova Apps with Microsoft Azure. It…


Making Sense of Cordova Push Notification Options and APIs

Update: (2/6/2016) Updated Mobile Apps support now that a Cordova client is available. Updated: (10/27/15) Corrected my assessment of the new push plugin. You can read more about this plugin in my post Updates to My Cordova Push Sample and new Cordova Push Plugin. Updated: (10/20/15) Added more information on sending push notifications from various backends….


New Azure Mobile samples and tutorials

I’m excited to announce that we have some interesting new content and samples published to support Azure Mobile Services and Azure App Service Mobile Apps. Most of this new content was asked for by customers, which makes it even more fun to share this. Custom authentication sample I was challenged by a customer via Twitter…


Send push notifications to authenticated PhoneGap users

Let me start out by letting folks know that feedback from my blog post Push Notifications to PhoneGap Apps using Notification Hubs Integration was so positive that the Mobile Services team has added push support to the official HTML/JavaScript client. This means that you can now register for push notifications using the Push object on…


Cool New Mobile Services Content for PhoneGap and .NET Backend

I wanted to do a quick post to highlight some cool new Azure Mobile Services and Azure Notification Hubs samples and content that we recently published… PhoneGap Push Notification Sample I recently published an updated version of my TodoListNotifications sample for PhoneGap on GitHub. This new version registers with Notification Hubs for push notifications by…


Notification Hubs Plus Mobile Services for Sending Windows Phone Notifications from a .NET Backend Service

NOTE: This blog post is now a bit stale. There is now full Notification Hubs integration with Mobile Services .NET backend for both versions of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight Windows Phone 8.1 Store or Universal apps Click the above links for the full tutorial. – Glenn On Thursday, the Windows Azure Mobile Services team…


New Love for WCF Data Services: Push Notifications

I have just published a new end-to-end sample that demonstrates how to use Windows Azure Notification Hubs to add push notification functionality to the classic Northwind OData service. I also blogged about this as a guest blogger on the Silver Lining blog. Sample: Send Push Notifications from an OData Service by Using Notification Hubs Windows…


Wrong Thread Exception Using Task-Based Extension Methods

I’ve been working on a new Windows Store sample that consumes an OData feed of Northwind data (the usual: Customer, Order, Order_Detail entity sets). To best demonstrate how use a new Windows Azure service to send push notifications from an OData service, I needed to be able to support the full set of CRUD behaviors…