How to clone a JavaScript backend Mobile Service

The Azure Mobile folks state very clearly that you shouldn’t use a production instance of Azure Mobile Services to test out new functionality, which makes sense. However, this brings up an interesting question from a customer: “How do I create a clone of my existing mobile service to do testing and development?” A JavaScript backend…


Updates to My Cordova Push Sample and new Cordova Push Plugin

UPDATE (11/3/2015): The updates to my Cordova push notification sample has been merged into the source fork of the Mobile Services samples GitHub repo. As folks may remember, I published a Cordova push notifications sample for Azure to support my MSDN Magazine article: Microsoft Azure – Push Notifications to Cordova Apps with Microsoft Azure. It…


Making Sense of Cordova Push Notification Options and APIs

Update: (2/6/2016) Updated Mobile Apps support now that a Cordova client is available. Updated: (10/27/15) Corrected my assessment of the new push plugin. You can read more about this plugin in my post Updates to My Cordova Push Sample and new Cordova Push Plugin. Updated: (10/20/15) Added more information on sending push notifications from various backends….


Sign-in to Mobile Services using custom authentication from a Windows client

UPDATE: I have published a Visual Studio solution that is a .NET backend mobile service with custom authentication plus a universal Windows 8.1 app project. (I cheated a bit with the registration because I didn’t want to create a whole new UI, but it should be enough to point you in the right direction for Windows…


Check for expired Azure Mobile Services authentication tokens

When Microsoft Azure Mobile Services was first released, we only had basic guidance for authentication—basically just how to use the LoginAsync function. One of our customers had an app (let’s call it a “current events” app) that required authentication, and they were having trouble when an event occurred and lots of users would hit the…


Azure App Services Mobile Apps and a new One Dev Minute Video for Azure Mobile Services

Things have been quiet recently on my blog, but things have been far from quiet in the world of Azure Mobile Services. First off, in the new Azure Portal, Mobile Services is looking a bit different… Introducing App Service Mobile Apps Microsoft recently unveiled a new group of Azure services, bundled collectively as Azure App…


Azure Mobile Services Quickstart for Visual Studio Cordova

Since nearly the GA of the service, Mobile Services has had support for a PhoneGap quickstart app project in the Azure Management portal: Just click the magic Download button to get your customized PhoneGap project. Now, while PhoneGap and Cordova are pretty much interchangeable, you can’t really (at this point) open a Cordova project directly…


Epic Saga Final Chapter: Success!! or How to Upload Images to Azure From a Cordova App

This post is the eights post in the series: Uploading Images from PhoneGap/Cordova to Azure Storage using Mobile Services As promised, I am finally able to share with you all, loyal readers, the glorious, successful conclusion to my epic saga, wherein I am actually able to upload images from my Cordova/PhoneGap app to the Azure…


Epic Saga Chapter 5: Wherein I learn to Hate the Android Emulator

This post is the fifth post in the series: Uploading Images from PhoneGap/Cordova to Azure Storage using Mobile Services In the previous chapter of my epic saga to create a Cordova app that uploads binary images files directly to Azure Blob storage, I installed the Multi-Device Hybrid Apps extension for Visual Studio and was excited…