Windows Azure Storage: SQL Database versus Table Storage

I wrote an article for Windows Azure a while back called Guidance for OData in Windows Azure, where I described options for hosting OData services in Windows Azure. The easiest way to do this is to create a hosted WCF Data Service in Windows Azure that uses EF to access a SQL Database instance as…


New Windows Azure Guidance Topics Published

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we have just published a new set of Windows Azure prescriptive guidance topics for developers: Windows Azure Developer Guidance This release includes two guidance topics I wrote: Guidance for OData in Windows Azure Using Windows Phone with Windows Azure These topics are about 90% of where…


Dealing with Binary Resource Streams and Tombstoning

-or- Sync’ing OData to Local Storage in Windows Phone (Part 3) If you have been following this series, you know that I have been demonstrating a way to persist data from an OData feed to a local Windows Phone (“Mango”) device. Just to refresh, here are the benefits of maintaining a local cache of data:…


New Resources for OData, Streaming, and Windows Phone

I’ve just posted a fairly lengthy blog post on the WCF Data Services team blog that shows how to consume a media resource stream from an OData service in a Windows Phone 7 application: Accessing an OData Media Resource Stream from a Windows Phone 7 Application (Streaming Provider Series-Part 3) To support this blog post,…


Revisited: Guidance on Binding Media Resource Streams to XAML Controls

In my previous post Binding Media Resource Streams to XAML Controls, I discussed a way to use a value converter to get the read stream of the media resource of an a media link entry that is  bound to a control. The purpose of this was to bind a XAML Image control to a media…


A Wiki-Based Source for OData Content and Info

While I am (obviously) a big fan of the content on the Open Data Protocol (OData) that we produce (including the WCF Data Services content, Silverlight and Windows Phone topics, and of course the site), I am always excited to see other folks outside of the OData team creating and publishing content about OData….


When Should I Version My OData Service?

While researching an answer a forum post on versioning, I was digging into one of the v1 product specs and found a couple of very useful logical flowcharts that describe how to handle data service versioning scenarios. Sadly, this information has yet to make it into the documentation. I will do my best in this…


Handling Service Operation Exceptions

The guidance from this post has been added to the WCF Data Services Service Operations topic.  In responding to a customer post on the WCF Data Services forum, I ran across an interesting behavior when raising exceptions in a service operation. When creating a data service, you are supposed to use the DataServiceException class when…


New Stuff in the OData World on CodePlex

If you are really into the Open Data Protocol (OData) and WCF Data Services (and you should be), there are a few cool new projects that just went up on CodePlex. WCF Data Services Toolkit This toolkit makes it easier to expose even more types of existing data as OData feeds. See this blog post…