Windows Azure Posters for Mobile Services and Mobile Gaming

There are several cool new “infographic”-style posters out for Windows Azure—I was lucky enough to get to work on two of them.

Mobile Services

imageThose of you who made it to the most recent //build/ 2013 conference in San Francisco a few weeks back may have seen the new Windows Azure Mobile Service poster being handed out at the Windows Azure booth. If you didn’t make it to //build/, you can still download a high-resolution version of this poster from the download center: Mobile Services infographic.

I am proud to say that I had a chance to work on this poster, which as a collaborative effort between the Mobile Services product group, marketing, user experience, and documentation. Needless to say my original very technical Visio-style architecture-based design was morphed, almost unrecognizable, into this new ultra-hipster design of what’s being called an “infographic,” which melds cool eye-catching design points with key information. I really enjoyed watching our UX principle designer bring this poster to life in real time, and I also had a great time working with our marketing folks to bridge marketing and technical info.

The best thing about this post is the scan tag at the bottom, which now links to a new topic that I wrote. This new Windows Azure Mobile Services infographic topic follows the flow of the content sections in the poster, and in links from each assertion made in the poster to the best related Windows Azure content. This ends up being a great starting point for exploring the Mobile Services documentation.


Mobile Gaming

imageThe Mobile Gaming infographic was completed first, and I was only somewhat involved in this one—mostly for tech reviews and ensuring that Mobile Services was mapped correctly to the key scenarios. This infographic details the scenarios where Windows Azure can be leveraged in mobile game app development. (I also expect to see more info on using Mobile Services in mobile gaming scenarios in the near future.) We don’t have the same detailed topic with links for this poster, but you can download a high-resolution version from the download center: Mobile Services infographic.


I can’t wait for both of these posters, along with a few other Windows Azure posters, to show up in the Server Posterpedia app.




Glenn Gailey

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