New Samples and Videos Featured for Mobile Services

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some exciting new videos and samples-related activity for Mobile Services—particularly for Windows Store apps.
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New Resources

Mobile Services guru Nick Harris has been busy adding value to Mobile Services content and samples, including creating videos for many of the Mobile Services tutorials. Links to these videos from the Channel 9 series are embedded in the Tutorials and Resources page.

We also have a new Code Samples page in the Mobile Services dev center, featuring (at this point) Windows Store samples.

New Scenario-Based Samples

Nick has also written 5 kickin’ new samples that address cool app-driven scenarios for Mobile Services and Windows Store apps.

I should point out that these samples are documented at least as well as our Mobile Services tutorials on
5 stars all the way….


Geolocation sample end to end using Windows Azure Mobile Services (New)

This sample provides an end to end location scenario with a Windows Store app using Bing Maps and a Windows Azure Mobile Services backend. It shows how to add places to the Map, store place coordinates in a Mobile Services table, and how to query for places near your location.


Enqueue and Dequeue messages with Windows Azure Mobile Services and Services Bus (New)

My Store - This sample demonstrates how you can enqueue and dequeue messages from your Windows Store apps into a Windows Azure Service Bus Queue via Windows Azure Mobile Services. This code sample builds out an ordering scenario with both a Sales and Storeroom and app.


Capture, Store and Email app Feedback using Windows Azure Mobile Services (New)

This sample shows how you can implement a Feedback charm option in your Windows Store application and submit the feedback to be both stored Windows Azure Mobile Services and emailed directly to you.


Upload File to Windows Azure Blob Storage using Windows Azure Mobile Services (New)

This demonstrates how to store your files such as images, videos, docs or any binary data off device in the cloud using Windows Azure Blob Storage. In this example we focus on capturing and uploading images, with the same approach you can upload any binary data to Blob Storage.


Create a Game Leaderboard using Windows Azure Mobile Services (New)

The My Trivia sample demonstrates how you can easily add, update and view a leaderboard from your Windows Store applications using Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Keep it up Nick!

Glenn Gailey
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