OData Client for Windows Store Apps

I’m happy to announce that OData client support for Windows Store apps (“formerly Metro apps”) in Windows 8 RTM has been released. This didn’t actually get chained into Visual Studio 2012 like it was in the pre-release, but it may be even easier to use in the new incarnation:

WCF Data Services Tools for Windows Store Apps RC

Despite the somewhat confusing title, this installation supports the RTM version of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. I have heard that there could be tweaks to the installer behavior itself, but that the client library itself shouldn’t change, since Win8 is done and shipped.

In this version of support for Windows Store apps, the client library is actually obtained from NuGet.org by the new tool, which is integrated with Visual Studio 2012 so that Add Service Reference will work again, as you would expect it to. Without this package installed, Visual Studio gives you a cryptic message about the service not being valid, because it’s looking for a WSDL and not the data service definition. This client supports all versions of the OData protocol.

For an overview of how this client works in Visual Studio 2012, see the post OData 101: Building our first OData-based Windows Store app (Part 1).

If you are jazzed about writing Windows Store apps…stay tuned. Next week, I am going to be able to talk about some very cool stuff that I have been working on that will be great for folks who are trying to figure out what to do with data for their Windows Store app users.


Glenn Gailey
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  1. Neha Shah says:

    Can you please guide me how can I insert 1:N relational entity record ?

    I have Entity 1 and Entity 2 in the relation of 1:N respectively.

    I need to insert multiple Entity 2 data at the insertion time of Entity 1 data.

  2. Dustyn Lightfoot says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Any news of support for json on the client yet?

  3. Phil says:

    Hello Glenn,

    I know your blog article is quite old by now, but the tools still seem to be required for using Service Reference with OData.

    The problem is: The tools won't install. The error message is about a certificate that's not valid anymore.

    Please fix that 🙂

    Thanks in advance

  4. @Phil:

    A hacky workaround is to set the clock on your machine back a few weeks to trick the certificate into being accepted.

    A better bet is to instead use the WCF Data Services 5.6.0 RTM Tools, which now includes a "portable" client library that supports (among other things) both Windows Store and Windows Phone clients, and even Visual Studio 2013 for coding Win8.1 apps. I'll start working on some posts on this as soon as I get time.


    Note that the 5.6 libraries also support JSON encoding (yay!).


    Glenn Gailey

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