MSDN Data Services Developer Center Redesign—Lots of Videos

The WCF Data Service developer center has been redesigned; the purpose of this update is to provide a much more hands-on experience and to make it easier to get started with OData services, and with WCF Data Services in particular. This means, in part, less random content and more videos.

Now, the scenario-based content is broken down into beginners guides, which are all videos, and links to more advanced content, including MSDN documentation and interesting blog posts.

Here are some of the featured “beginner’s guide” videos, all of which were, I believe, created for us by Shawn Wildermuth:

These video pages will also (eventually) link to other related MSDN library and blog content, and I’m hoping that Shawn will also publish his sample code projects from these videos to MSDN Code Gallery. I was also excited to find the new article  Complete Guide to Building Custom Data Providers up there as well.

Look for more OData-related content going up here in the coming months.

Glenn Gailey
WCF Data Services
OData: There’s a feed for that!

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