A Wiki-Based Source for OData Content and Info

While I am (obviously) a big fan of the content on the Open Data Protocol (OData) that we produce (including the WCF Data Services content, Silverlight and Windows Phone topics, and of course the OData.org site), I am always excited to see other folks outside of the OData team creating and publishing content about OData. That is why I was jazzed to see that Chris Woodruff, with Greg Duncan’s help, have put together a wiki site (based on the SrewTurn wiki platform) that is an homage to all things OData. This is another great source of OData stuff, videos, presentations, podcasts, and the like, but this time posted externally and independently by fans of the OData Protocol.

Feel free to check it out, and post any OData stuff that you have to the OData Primer wiki site
Let the ecosystem grow!


Glenn Gailey

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  1. Greg Duncan says:

    Thanks for the shout-out… 🙂

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