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Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Bindings

All the Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard bindings are available here for you to download. These are very helpful resources for a person who spends most of his days in Visual Studio. Go and grab it from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=92ced922-d505-457a-8c9c-84036160639f  I personally like Ctrl+. which allows me to add the using statement without going to the top of… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Working Offline

Today I found one interesting stuff while I was away from corpnet and changing the source code. It was asking me to override while saving the file. I did it as because I had done some work there. Later when I was connected to the corpnet I right clicked and selected the option “Go Online”…. Read more

Comparing Two SQL Server Schema using Visual Studio 2010

When you have two SQL Sever Databases and need to find the differences, Visual Studio comes really handy. Under Visual Studio 2010’s menu Data > Schema Compare. Once you choose New Schema Comparison   Then you choose your databases. After you choose it you can also set the Schema Compare Settings. Once you press OK…. Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Tip : Set multiple project as startup

This is not new in Visual Studio 2010. However this could be helpful while creating WCF based application. You may like to test your application from Visual Studio 2010 by hitting F5. By default, we can make only one project as Startup Project.  Select the solution and right click and select Namoskar!!!… Read more

EF4 : How to enable Model without code

When we need to work with an Entity Framework model and use POCO. We need to get rid of the designer generated code. But how? There are few ways by which we can achieve it. Option 1 I personally like this approach. You need to open the Model designer and click F4. The change the… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 : Dependency Graph, Sequence Diagram and Architecture Explorer

I generally avoid meta blogging, but while going through my MSDN RSS feed I found one very detailed article on few of my favorite Visual Studio 2010 Features at http://blogs.msdn.com/jennifer/archive/2010/05/11/visual-studio-2010-how-to-understand-your-code-using-dependency-graphs-sequence-diagrams-and-the-architecture-explorer.aspx It’s a good read indeed. Namoskar!!!… Read more

.NET Framework 4.0 Newbie : File.ReadLines

In .NET Framework 4.0 instead of you using File.ReadAllLines() use ReadLines() to get a better performance. Question is why? File.ReadLines() uses IEnumerable to get the lines. Unlike File.ReadAllLines() it does not first read full files and the starts reading if you have implemented the iteration. Also File.ReadAllLines() does not implement MoveNext().   But there is… Read more

.NET Framework 4.0 Newbie : String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace

In .NET Framework 4.0 we have String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace. String sData = ” “;   if (String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(sData)) {     Console.WriteLine(“Nothing to do”); }   This would help us to determine whether to work with a string without calling additional Trim() method. Namoskar!!!… Read more

My First Channel 9 Video on Visual Studio 2010 IDE Tips

I am super excited to share with you my First video at Channel 9. Today I have successfully published it. This small video covers few basic IDE tips of Visual Studio 2010.   https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/wriju/Visual-Studio-2010-IDE-Settings-Tips-and-Tricks/   Namoskar!!!… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Tips #7 : Dependency Graph

  In Visual Studio 2010 you can now create the dependency graph to view the complex structure of your class and the call tree.       Once you explore it has got some additional view like, Right to Left. If you click on any entity it will take you to the code.    … Read more

VS 2010 Tips#6 : Architecture Explorer

In Visual Studio 2010 we have a great tool called Architecture Explorer to view the structure of our objects. Unlike object browser or class diagram this also helps us to view the calls per element is made in the project. This is one additional step towards the enhancement. This can be found at Namoskar!!!… Read more

VS 2010 Tips #5 : New Extension Manager

In Visual Studio 2010 we can now get all the available extensions from http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com and add to our project from and within Visual Studio. You will find it under Tools > Extension Manager. Here you can add, search and modify the available extensions. Namoskar!!!… Read more

VS 2010 Tip #2 : Close Start Page after Project Load

Now in Visual Studio 2010 you can close the start page after it loads the project you select from Recent Project list. There is a check box at the bottom left which helps you to decide whether you want to close the Start page or keep it open. Namoskar!!!  … Read more

VS 2010 Tip #1 : Recent Projects > Start Page

As Visual Studio 2010 is built using WPF, the new enhanced start page also has some additional features. Recent Projects Now you can control the Recent Project List by Pin-UnPin the projects from existing list Removing unnecessary projects from the list and also can open the “Containing Folder”   Namoskar!!!… Read more