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Windows Azure : Monitoring Storage Using Visual Studio Server Explorer

Using Visual Studio 2010 Server Explorer you can manage the Windows Azure Storage and Hosted Services. By default the development storage is added. If you want to add the live storage you can add them by selecting that node and right clicking After that Then add the required information. Namoskar!!!… Read more

ADO.NET Entity Framework Transaction

Any data-driven application needs Transaction and to ensure that the unit of work is either together successful or fail. Transaction plays a very important role. Assume that we are working with SQL Server. Now SQL Server has it’s own Transaction mechanism which could be used in Stored Procedures. However, not every time a Transaction is… Read more

My First Channel 9 Video on Visual Studio 2010 IDE Tips

I am super excited to share with you my First video at Channel 9. Today I have successfully published it. This small video covers few basic IDE tips of Visual Studio 2010.   https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/wriju/Visual-Studio-2010-IDE-Settings-Tips-and-Tricks/   Namoskar!!!… Read more

VS 2010 Tips#6 : Architecture Explorer

In Visual Studio 2010 we have a great tool called Architecture Explorer to view the structure of our objects. Unlike object browser or class diagram this also helps us to view the calls per element is made in the project. This is one additional step towards the enhancement. This can be found at Namoskar!!!… Read more

VS 2010 Tips #5 : New Extension Manager

In Visual Studio 2010 we can now get all the available extensions from http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com and add to our project from and within Visual Studio. You will find it under Tools > Extension Manager. Here you can add, search and modify the available extensions. Namoskar!!!… Read more

VS 2010 Tip #2 : Close Start Page after Project Load

Now in Visual Studio 2010 you can close the start page after it loads the project you select from Recent Project list. There is a check box at the bottom left which helps you to decide whether you want to close the Start page or keep it open. Namoskar!!!  … Read more

VS 2010 Tip #1 : Recent Projects > Start Page

As Visual Studio 2010 is built using WPF, the new enhanced start page also has some additional features. Recent Projects Now you can control the Recent Project List by Pin-UnPin the projects from existing list Removing unnecessary projects from the list and also can open the “Containing Folder”   Namoskar!!!… Read more

NotifyIcon : Display Windows Form in System Tray

While talking to different people I get this question. And in Visual Studio it is very easy to do,   You need Windows Forms Application, then drag and drop NotifyIcon there. Set one icon with that control so that it is visible,   public partial class Form1 : Form {     public Form1()     {… Read more

Immediate Window is missing in Visual Studio Menu

  When you do not see “Immediate” window under Debug menu of Visual Studio you may get frustrated. But there is a quick way to get it when required,   Go to View > Other Windows > Command Window or press Ctrl+W, A   Then type immed. It will bring the Immediate Window.   And… Read more

LINQ to SQL : Returning Scalar Value from Stored Procedure

In LINQ to SQL it is not that easy thing to achieve as compared to other features. Let us assume you have a Stored Procedure like, Case 1: With Output Parameter CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetEmployeeCount]       @OutVal DateTime OUTPUT AS BEGIN       SELECT @OutVal = GetDate() END You need to write code which will look like,… Read more

Free EBooks at CodePlex

There are many more books available. Go and grab them   ·         Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance ·         Application Architecture Guidance ·         Common Service Locator ·         Composite Application Guidance for WPF ·         Design for Operations ·         Enterprise Library ·         ESB Guidance ·         GAX Extensions Library ·         Guidance Explorer ·         Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications ·        … Read more

Windows Forms – Enable Shortcut Key all over the Form

Windows Application and shortcut key are synonyms. People prefer to use shortcut keys for faster activity. Assume you are in a text box and you want to hit F5 to reload the form. You do not want to move your mouse cursor. So what you will be doing is that you will be adding “Key… Read more

Programmatically invoking the Live.com search

Live.com you need to automate that in your Windows application. You will use the WebBrowser control. This is a very powerful control and allows us to control things through DOM. Here is a small code which insert values to the live.com’s seach text box and clicks the “Go” button. I have created a windows forms… Read more

ZoomIt : Fantastic Windows Zooming Application

When I show demo using my desktop I often come across to the scenarios where things are very small. I was using Windows Magnifier. I found this tool later and this is very helpful. This tool was created by Microsoft Technical Fellow, Mark Russinovich. Some facts, Ø  ZoomIt runs on System Tray Ø  Allows you… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 : How to zoom Class Diagram

During my demos I have noticed that Class Diagram in Visual Studio gives a very detailed view with lot of information. Now this is hard for people sitting at the back of the room to see what is there. It’s very easy, if you press “CTRL” then scroll the mouse, this will zoom in and… Read more

LINQ to SQL: Making it N-Tier

You can create your application use LINQ to SQL and make it N-Tier. Go ahead and watch out the MSDN Documents N-Tier and Remote Applications with LINQ to SQL LINQ to SQL N-Tier with ASP.NET LINQ to SQL N-Tier with Web Services LINQ to SQL with Tightly-Coupled Client-Server Applications Implementing Business Logic (LINQ to SQL)… Read more

LINQ to SQL : Enabling .dbml file for WCF

LINQ to SQL is object relational model and .dbml file generates the class file for all kind of Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) through the mapping mechanism. Ideally this should allow us to enable it for WCF Service. But for that we have to manually add DataContract and DataMember attributes. We can use .dbml’s… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 Express ISO image download

As usual Express editions are free but this time you can take this and sit in a remote location and install Visual Studio with no Internet connections. Yes we can download offline .iso to avoid download & install pain. Please visit, http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/offline.aspx After downloading you can write them in DVD. This version includes all the… Read more

LINQ to SQL Windows Form Binding Data Step by Step

LINQ to SQL designer in Visual Studio allows us to create mapped class using the drag and drop feature from Server Explorer. Now that is business object which ideally you could use as your datasource and from Visual Studio 2008. So let us have this step by step, Open your Visual Studio 2008 and create… Read more

Pattern’s and Practices Guidance Explorer

This is one tool which will help you to find anything and everything for what you might scratch your head.   This tool is amazing. Please go ahead and install from Download Download GuidanceExplorer build 20060926 http://www.codeplex.com/guidanceExplorer/Project/FileDownload.aspx?DownloadId=2716   This is the best Guidance you can get in your day to day programming.   Namoskar!!!… Read more

Visual C# 2005 Default Shortcut Keys

This is one of the articles I wanted to write long back. May be it is not too late. These shortcut keys helps us to make our life easy.. Visit http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms366739(VS.80).aspx Global Shortcut Keys, Visual C# 2005 Scheme HTML Designer Shortcut Keys, Visual C# 2005 Scheme XML Designer Shortcut Keys, Visual C# 2005 Scheme Control Manipulation… Read more

Moving from Orcas CTP to Orcas Beta 1

If you have Orcas March 2007 CTP and you want to upgrade it to Orcas Beta 1, there are couple of things to be taken care. Those are well documented in MSDN and you need to clean all the CTP related installation to enjoy the smooth installation. Components which could create problems are, Remove “Microsoft… Read more

Linq Performance

LINQ is powerful, the internal algorithm has got the power for fine tuning and PLinq is in the pipeline. That means if you will have automatic implementation of parallel LINQ for multi-core processors. Two famous quotes from Anders Hejlsberg are   “With PLinq, effectively you write the code the same way, but we arrange for… Read more

ASP.NET 2.0 Membership, Roles, and Profile

From 4GuysFromRolla This article is one in a series of articles on ASP.NET 2.0’s membership, roles, and profile functionality. Part 1 – learn about how the membership features make providing user accounts on your website a breeze. This article covers the basics of membership, including why it is needed, along with a look at the… Read more

Performance in C#

When we consider managed code in our application we also have to think about the performance. .NET has its own way of fine tuning things but just by remembering couple of things we can prevent the unnecessary push backs from our end. One of the biggest concerns is that why Generics? It is strongly typed,… Read more