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How to create Shared Access Signature (SAS) for Blob and Container

There are few ways by which you could created Shared Access Signature (SAS) for Azure Storage Blob or Container. This one is probably the easiest. 1. Download and install Azure Storage Explorer from http://azurestorageexplorer.codeplex.com/ 2. Then add the storage account name and key 3. Then select a container or Blob and select “Security” 4. Then… Read more

Windows Azure Storage Connection String

If you are not using Visual Studio Cloud Projects (where one cloud project and n-number of Web/Worker Role project(s)) and building simple WebSite, you may need this. This is the connection string you need in your Web.Config file under ConnectionStrings DefaultEndpointsProtocol=http;AccountName=[account_name];AccountKey=[account_key] After which you need to initiate by doing CloudStorageAccount csa = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DataConnection"].ConnectionString); Namoskar!!!… Read more

Windows Azure Storage Simplified

While working with Windows Azure it makes me feel as if I am working on ADO.NET Entity Framework and WCF Data Service. Everything is entity based and connection opens up through context. Lets see how can we create an application to add Movies to our database. Following are the using block entry We need Movies… Read more

Windows Azure Storage Table Simplified

With Windows Azure 1.3 release I am super excited to see the most desired features addition and new portal. I will be posting on new feature soon. What remains the same as backbone of Windows Azure is the storage mechanism – a robust, secured and accessible location to capture user data apart from regular SQL… Read more