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Every Developer needs to be Social

This is exactly Scott Hanselman communicated on which we live our everyday life. How were those days when there were only books and different CDs of MSDN. Then Google and Bing came into the picture. Being a developer how we drink resource and make them useful for others. https://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Glucose/Hanselminutes-on-9-Social-Networking-for-Developers-Part-1-Every-Developer-Needs-a-Blog/ Every developer should watch it !!!… Read more

Windows Live Photo Gallery : Easily Stitch Panoramic Photos

I am visually challenged nor a good photographer. Recently I have been to the foot hills of Eastern Himalayan range (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buxa_Tiger_Reserve). I and Tupur been to the dry river bed of Jayanti, took some series of photos. I had plan to stitch them. Wonder!!! Live Photo Gallery already has this feature. Bingo!!! I created one…. Read more

Celebrating 200th MSDN Blog Post

Wow experience!!! 200+ posts on MSDN with millions of hits it’s a great pleasure being at Microsoft with additional takeaways. I never thought in my life that I would be blogging. I had a dream that one day I will become writer (was not sure on what though). Blogging is a great tool to give… Read more

Celebrating my 100 posts!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported me in this BLOGGING journey. I started blogging back in May 2006, was not very regular blogger till September 2006. I blog to share my .NET adventure, starting from C# 2005 to LINQ (C# 3.0). I use them to convey the interest for others.   In Microsoft I work for… Read more