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Repository Pattern with ADO.NET Entity Framework Hack

Let’s build ADO.NET Entity Framework library using Repository Pattern. There are a many ways but this is probably the easiest hack.  First build a blank solution Then add a class library called “DAL” and add a class called “Employee” namespace DAL { public class Employee { public int Id { get; set; } public string… Read more

The beautiful MVVM

Getting Started with MVVM in 10 minutes   Building a Reusable ICommand implementation for Windows Phone MVVM apps   Laurent Bugnion, leads the MVVM Light Toolkit project, has a 4-article MSDN series on MVVM IOC Containers and MVVM Messenger and View Services in MVVM Maximizing the Visual Designer’s Usage with Design-Time Data Commands, RelayCommands and… Read more

Patterns and Practices : Dependency Injection with Unity–Just Released

Just Released!!! Patterns and Practices guidance on Dependency Injection with Unity     PDF   EPUB   MOBI   HARD COPY   Inside the guide: Foreword by Chris Tavares Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Dependency Injection Chapter 3 – Dependency Injection with Unity Chapter 4 – Interception Chapter 5 – Interception using Unity… Read more

Microsoft Patterns and Practices Guidance on Solution Development Fundamentals

  Enterprise Library. Enterprise Library is a collection of application blocks that address common cross-cutting concerns that developers face when developing applications. The latest version of Enterprise Library (version 6) was released in April 2013 and includes two new application blocks (Semantic Logging Application Block and Transient Fault Handling Application Block) and many improvements. The… Read more

Free Guide Books from Microsoft

Over the years Microsoft is releasing Patterns and Practices books and distributing them for free. I think this one as great community effort and is continue to evolve. When I started writing code in .NET I always used to carry them with me. You cannot ask for more if you have them with you. In… Read more