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Selling Azure Open Licensing for Partners

In Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 we have announced the Azure Open Licensing for Partners. This is going live from August 1, 2014. Here are some resources to help understand Watch this video at http://www.digitalwpc.com/Community/Perspectives/Pages/Announcing-Microsoft-Azure-in-Open-Licensing-for-partners.aspx#fbid=PsEQVDjbmOh Another very informative blog post Coming Next to Open Licensing: Microsoft Azure Ready To Go resources for partners   https://readytogo.microsoft.com/global/_layouts/RTG/DownloadCampaign.aspx?campurl=https://readytogo.microsoft.com/global/campaign/pages/(global)%20microsoft%20azure%20in%20open%20licensing.aspx Additional… Read more

Upcoming Event on Windows Phone with Cloud

On May 29 I am going to deliver one event to partner on Windows Phone. The title of the event is Integrating WP7 Applications into the Cloud: Windows Azure. Date and Time: May 29, 2012 at 10 Pacific Target Audience: Developer Delivery Mode: Online We will discuss various topics around integrating Windows Phone application with… Read more