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Entity Framework 5 and 6 Roadmap

Entity Framework 5 The Entity Framework team is in the final stages of completing the EF 5 release. Entity Framework 5 RC is currently available on NuGet and introduces the following new features: ·         Enum support allows you to have enum properties in your entity classes. This new feature is available for Model, Database and… Read more

Entity Framework 5.0 and previous versions at NuGet

I do not use anything but NuGet to associate EntityFramework dll to my project. Here are some of the version specific commands EntityFramework 5.0.0-beta2 PM> Install-Package EntityFramework–Pre EntityFramework 4.3.1 PM> Install-Package EntityFramework -Version 4.3.1 EntityFramework PM> Install-Package EntityFramework -Version EntityFramework 4.1.10715.0 PM> Install-Package EntityFramework -Version 4.1.10715.0 Namoskar!!!!… Read more