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WinJS using alert() in your JavaScript

If you come from JavaScript world you will badly miss the alert() function. However, this habit can be entertained if you declare a function at default.js file. Then it will be accessible in all other pages which are navigated from default.html page. function alert(message) { var msgBox = new Windows.UI.Popups.MessageDialog(message); msgBox.showAsync(); } Then this code… Read more

WinJS Global Error Handling in JavaScript

In Windows Store Apps if any unhandled error comes it closes the application. This sliently happens to terminate the app. This is a default behavior. We can change this behavior by handling the “unhandled” errors. app.onerror = function (e) { var message = e.detail.message; var description = e.detail.description; var code = e.detail.number; var stackTrace =… Read more

Working with jQuery in WinJS

Use Blank HTML Template Create project using Blank Template Install the jQuery and add it to Application Once you have your Windows Store Apps, use nugget.org and add jQuery to your application Go to your package manager console and run the below comment PM> Install-Package jQuery Then add the reference of the jQuery to the… Read more

The beautiful MVVM

Getting Started with MVVM in 10 minutes   Building a Reusable ICommand implementation for Windows Phone MVVM apps   Laurent Bugnion, leads the MVVM Light Toolkit project, has a 4-article MSDN series on MVVM IOC Containers and MVVM Messenger and View Services in MVVM Maximizing the Visual Designer’s Usage with Design-Time Data Commands, RelayCommands and… Read more

Windows Store Apps and SQLite for x86, x64 and ARM

There are bunch of resources on how to use SQLite. The one which I came across and liked is http://jesseliberty.com/2013/03/14/windows-8-storing-data-with-sqlite/. If you follow step by step you will be able to reach the desired output.    What is more challenging is the final package when you create for Windows Store. SQLite DLL compiles per platform…. Read more

Windows Store Apps power of WinJS

Great Indian Developer Summit we showed the power of WinJS by taking pic and setting it in HTML page. Later we have used the image and set it as Profile picture. This was part of our Windows Store apps demo. The code is shared here (function () { //intialize Camera and then enable Webcam capability… Read more

Windows Store App displaying Data in two more columns in ListView

Windows Store apps comes with some amazing data bound controls. The most favorite among them is ListView and GridView. The ListView shows data in vertical scrolling mode and GridView shows data in horizontal scrolling. My pal was building an app where she needs to display data in two columns while having the vertical scrolling enabled…. Read more