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Blog is moving

All, After blogging about 13 years – it’s time to say goodbye to this lovely MSDN blogging platform. It is changing, and I have decided to keep this blog as it is but for new one it will be http://wriju.wordpress.com Please keep motivating me as usual. I will be posting new articles here. Regards, Wriju… Read more

Azure Update during March 2019

Let’s have them all in one page General availability: Azure Availability Zones in East US Global VNet Peering now supports Standard Load Balancer Protect on-premises VMs by directly replicating to managed disks in Azure .NET Core February 2019 Update availability on App Service General availability: Azure Kubernetes Service in France Central Extended Security Updates for… Read more

Azure CLI – some tips

Keep your Azure CLI always update. This is recommended to use Cloud Shell because all the versions of runtime and libraries are updated. But this is not persistent and does not allow you to keep it idle for a longer time. If it goes off then you will not find the history any more. That’s… Read more

Preparing and appearing for AZ-300

If you pass the both AZ-300 and AZ-301 then you become the Azure Solutions Architect Expert. This is one of the role-based certification exams microsoft has recently announced. For more details about which one fits you well please have a look into the blog post https://buildazure.com/2018/09/24/introducing-role-based-microsoft-azure-certification-shakeup/ Here I am going to discuss about AZ-300 specifically…. Read more