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Control your Azure Cost

Cost optimization is another key aspect of successfully running Applications in Cloud. Here is the Ignite 2018 session Make the most of Azure by optimizing your cloud spend through Azure Cost Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm2olT2xXhQ… Read more

Azure Update in November 2018

Upcoming Azure Sphere 18.11 release Azure IoT Edge 1.0.4 release OMS Agent for Linux November release now available Azure Container Instances now available in Canada Central Azure portal November 2018 update Azure API Management update November 8 Azure Policy now audits applications installed inside virtual machines General availability: Azure Availability Zones in Southeast Asia General… Read more

Quantum Development Kit 0.3 Release

Here is the 0.3 release of the Quantum Development Kit!! Main features: ·       New quantum chemistry library. The new quantum chemistry library can be used to develop quantum simulation solutions in the chemistry domain. We worked closely with chemistry experts at Pacific Northwest National Labs (based in Richland, WA) to bring real-world chemistry to Q#…. Read more

Quantum Machine Learning Lab

There is a lab on Quantum Machine Learning is now available https://github.com/Microsoft/MLADS2018-QuantumML  To work on this tutorial, you’ll need to install the Quantum Development Kit, available for Windows 10, macOS, and for Linux. Please see the install guide for the Quantum Development Kit for the detailed instructions. We recommend that you use Visual Studio 2017… Read more

New Azure Audit Reports

Often times you need to refer the latest Audit reports for many valid reasons. These reports are available at https://aka.ms/azuresoc2auditreport – you need to use your login (the same which you use to login to Azure or create a new) then get the list of PDF files The NEW are the ones which is done… Read more

Log Analytics Playground

If you care about Azure you care about Log Analytics. Because it is that display board which keeps telling that you are doing right. Sometimes these things needs data to try things out. However, you can check the data with interactive query designer here https://portal.loganalytics.io/demo So enjoy and you need no Azure subscription at all…. Read more