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Pointing an existing ASPNET Core WebAPI from MongoDB to CosmosDB

Use case: An existing Application was written using ASPNET Core pointing to an installed MongoDB in Ubuntu Server. Since CosmosDB is fully managed globally distributed NoSQL database and also supports Mongo API it is easy to reuse the same code and point it to CosmosDB by just changing the connection string at the application. No… Read more

Easy steps to create Azure Kubernetes Service

Step 1: Open the bash cloud shell from browser https://shell.azure.com Step 2: Create a resource group in AKS supported region (check https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/aks/container-service-quotas) $ az group create -l eastus -n rg-wgaks Step 3: $ az aks create -g rg-wgaks -nwgakscluster –generate-ssh-keys To check: Step a: Run below Step b: the output should look something like below… Read more