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Download All Build 2018 Sessions offline


All the build sessions are listed here in Youtube as a playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlrxD0HtieHg7uB3_amVXvaRgxIcXLtYD

Using this playlist, we can get all the individual session URLs via PowerShell

After I was able to create the list, there are two options for me,

The offline list https://github.com/wrijughosh/PowerShellWG/blob/master/Build2018All.pdf

  1. I can add only the URLs of my interest and play online
  2. Use the Android Youtube App to download them to my phone so that I can watch it offline (I guess only available in India now).

I prefer to watch only specific to my area of interest. Thanks to my mobile internet speed and public WiFi I have created a page link with all the links so that I can mark which one I would like to watch and watch online.