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2019 – a Developer’s view

2018 has been great so far for developers. With cloud automation CI/CD has become the focus. A major chunk of that scripting work is to be done via the script or code. How a developer would grow into the current role defines his/her ability to quickly adopt the ever changing world. Gone are those days… Read more

Free Trainings for Azure Certifications AZ-*

Azure Certifications are going through a major revamp. Now we have series like AZ-100, AZ-101, AZ-200, AZ-201, AZ-300, AZ-301 etc. We need some guided training and this helps. Microsoft has announced some free training covering most of the new Azure Certifications For more please visit https://cloudsociety.learning.microsoft.com/courses … Read more

Start Free with Azure Stack Development Kit

Azure Stack is a hardware-based appliances which means you need to buy the hardware to be able to feel it. Hardware acquisition takes time, so you need a playground to test if things are fine as you expect. Find an abandoned hardware and install the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) to play on it since… Read more

Free Azure Subscription–no credit card needed

What if you have Azure Subscription to play with and need no credit card? Pretty cool, huh!!! You must explore Microsoft Hands on Labs https://www.microsoft.com/handsonlabs/selfpacedlabs  This gives you labs for both on-premises and Azure. The one which is Azure will take you to a console which would have instructions and Azure user id and password…. Read more

Azure for Enterprises

The public cloud, out of the box, needs help to be enterprise ready. We need a bit more compliance and governance around it to make sure it is highly secure and as per the company standard. With the recent announcements of Azure Policy, Management Groups, Resource Graph, Cost Management and Blueprint we have now the… Read more

Azure REST API Explorer

Azure has many layers of interactions REST API, PowerShell, CLI, Portal etc. On top of REST API we have Client SDKs like in NodeJs, Python, .NET. As we all know that the REST API is the lowest level of API, hence it has more capability than any other abstractions. There is a nice API Explorer… Read more

Control your Azure Cost

Cost optimization is another key aspect of successfully running Applications in Cloud. Here is the Ignite 2018 session Make the most of Azure by optimizing your cloud spend through Azure Cost Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm2olT2xXhQ… Read more

Azure Update in November 2018

Upcoming Azure Sphere 18.11 release Azure IoT Edge 1.0.4 release OMS Agent for Linux November release now available Azure Container Instances now available in Canada Central Azure portal November 2018 update Azure API Management update November 8 Azure Policy now audits applications installed inside virtual machines General availability: Azure Availability Zones in Southeast Asia General… Read more

Quantum Development Kit 0.3 Release

Here is the 0.3 release of the Quantum Development Kit!! Main features: ·       New quantum chemistry library. The new quantum chemistry library can be used to develop quantum simulation solutions in the chemistry domain. We worked closely with chemistry experts at Pacific Northwest National Labs (based in Richland, WA) to bring real-world chemistry to Q#…. Read more

Quantum Machine Learning Lab

There is a lab on Quantum Machine Learning is now available https://github.com/Microsoft/MLADS2018-QuantumML  To work on this tutorial, you’ll need to install the Quantum Development Kit, available for Windows 10, macOS, and for Linux. Please see the install guide for the Quantum Development Kit for the detailed instructions. We recommend that you use Visual Studio 2017… Read more

New Azure Audit Reports

Often times you need to refer the latest Audit reports for many valid reasons. These reports are available at https://aka.ms/azuresoc2auditreport – you need to use your login (the same which you use to login to Azure or create a new) then get the list of PDF files The NEW are the ones which is done… Read more

Log Analytics Playground

If you care about Azure you care about Log Analytics. Because it is that display board which keeps telling that you are doing right. Sometimes these things needs data to try things out. However, you can check the data with interactive query designer here https://portal.loganalytics.io/demo So enjoy and you need no Azure subscription at all…. Read more

Pointing an existing ASPNET Core WebAPI from MongoDB to CosmosDB

Use case: An existing Application was written using ASPNET Core pointing to an installed MongoDB in Ubuntu Server. Since CosmosDB is fully managed globally distributed NoSQL database and also supports Mongo API it is easy to reuse the same code and point it to CosmosDB by just changing the connection string at the application. No… Read more

Easy steps to create Azure Kubernetes Service

Step 1: Open the bash cloud shell from browser https://shell.azure.com Step 2: Create a resource group in AKS supported region (check https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/aks/container-service-quotas) $ az group create -l eastus -n rg-wgaks Step 3: $ az aks create -g rg-wgaks -nwgakscluster –generate-ssh-keys To check: Step a: Run below Step b: the output should look something like below… Read more

Download All Build 2018 Sessions offline

Edited All the build sessions are listed here in Youtube as a playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlrxD0HtieHg7uB3_amVXvaRgxIcXLtYD Using this playlist, we can get all the individual session URLs via PowerShell After I was able to create the list, there are two options for me, The offline list https://github.com/wrijughosh/PowerShellWG/blob/master/Build2018All.pdf I can add only the URLs of my interest and… Read more

Build 2018 All Sessions

All of the Microsoft Build Sessions are here http://aka.ms/build2018all There are around 200 plus sessions. Time is the only challenge you have now…. Read more

Bulk VM creation from CSV using Azure PowerShell

This sample talks about few basic aspects of Azure PowerShell, 1. Reading from CSV 2. Parameterizing PowerShell 3. Calling another PowerShell from PowerShell with Parameters Now let’s see how the CSV lools like, And I am going to use these three columns as input parameters for another script. So to read this one might use… Read more

Azure April 2018 Updates

Power BI Embedded Q&A added to Edit and Create modes for report authors Power BI Embedded supports additional mobile gestures Power BI Embedded: Get visual data Power BI Embedded Bookmarks API General availability: New regions for Red Hat Update Infrastructure General availability: Azure zone-redundant snapshots and images for managed disks Support for operationalising Azure Databricks… Read more

Migrating from Azure Service Manager (ASM) Virtual Machines to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) VM

Time is up. With the announcement of http://manage.windowsazure.com is no more available since 2nd April 2018, it is high time you think around your classic Azure (ASM) resources. Most of the classic services can be managed from new portal i.e., https://portal.azure.com Here we will consider classic Virtual Machines with Virtual Networks. This is simple because… Read more

Azure Updates – March 2018

General availability: Global VNet Peering Global VNet Peering is now generally available. Global VNet Peering enables resources in your virtual network to communicate across Azure regions privately through the Microsoft backbone. VMs across virtual networks can communicate directly without gateways, extra hops, or transit over the public internet. This allows a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection across… Read more

One Azure Learning Video to make you a hero from zero

Great Azure Learning Video for 2 hour 40 min, this contains Content 00:05:00 – The Azure Portal 00:10:12 – Networking in Azure 00:22:16 – Azure Virtual Machines 00:50:57 – Containers and Kubernetes Orchestration 01:03:39 – Directory Services and Azure AD 01:18:23 – DevTest Labs 01:29:48 – Backup and Disaster Recovery 01:37:15 – WebApps 01:55:05 –… Read more

All about PaaS PostgreSQL and MySQL in Azure

Fully managed PostgreSQL and MySQL is now GA. This means you can use them in production. The announcement: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-general-availability-of-azure-database-services-for-mysql-and-postgresql/ Video: https://youtu.be/ElKfEurMi9E Compliance: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/compliance-offerings-for-azure-database-for-mysql-and-azure-database-for-postgresql/ Security: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/securing-azure-database-for-mysql-and-azure-database-for-postgresql/ Check the Azure datacenter region availability: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-infrastructure/services/ User Feedback or feature request: https://feedback.azure.com/forums/597976-azure-database-for-postgresql Last but not the least is your beloved documentation: MySQL https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/mysql/ PostgreSQL https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/postgresql/ Migrate your on-premises data… Read more

Azure Labs are Free for you

https://www.microsoft.com/handsonlabs/SelfPacedLabs As of today there are 227 labs. For me time is the issue here. I wanted to do all of them. So why to wait for a classroom training? Enjoy the learning…. Read more

Azure Release Update February 2018

GUID migration: Stream Analytics Public preview: Azure Backup integration with Azure Files Power BI Workspace Collections is being retired General availability: Application consistent backup for Linux VMs by using Azure Backup Analytics Platform System: Hardware refresh available for HPE appliances from May 2018 Skip header rows on SQL Data Warehouse PolyBase load Seamlessly troubleshoot and… Read more

Azure Release Update January 2018

·       General availability: Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls for Azure Storage ·       .NET Core 2.0 support for App Service on Linux ·       General availability: Azure Network Watcher in Microsoft Azure Germany ·       General availability: Azure Network Watcher in Microsoft Azure Government ·       Azure DevTest Labs: Set expiration date for a lab announcement ·       Azure… Read more

Weekly Azure Blogs

Compute Continuous-Deployment to Azure Imperial College Hack – ICHack18 Cognitive Challenge Winners Spidentify Cloud Platform Release Announcements for February 21, 2018 Azure App Service Environment Available in Azure Government Cost Optimization on Azure Announcing Azure US Government regions on Azure Status page New Azure GxP guidelines help pharmaceutical and biotech customers build GxP solutions Networking… Read more

Find unused Managed Disks

In your Azure you might have created Managed disks and never used them. Do you still pay for disks which are not in use? Then delete them if they are not in use. https://github.com/wrijughosh/PowerShellWG/blob/master/OrphanDataDisk.ps1 Namoskar!!!… Read more

Quick Tip while working with Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell is an ocean of commands. Remembering them while working is next to impossible. Azure PowerShell gives you an elegant option to find out what you need. Few things I use while try to explore what’s there for me while exploring the options. Use Get-Help Get-Help is a powerful command. You can use it… Read more

Azure PowerShell Login “Remember Me”

We use “Remember Me” feature quite a lot in our personal computers for quick login. This seamless experience can be achieved in Azure PowerShell as well. When you work with Azure PowerShell it asks for the login. Once you close the PowerShell windows it automatically clears up the context. You may want to keep it… Read more

Know your Azure Subscription Quota and Usage

There are two ways by which you can face the Azure Subscription limit, Wait till you script fails provision the resources Check regularly on important services and their limit. Obviously the second option is the desired one and PowerShell do give few easy to run commandlets Few things you need, Login to Azure using PowerShell… Read more

Setting up Azure for your Enterprise

Did you hear about “Secure DevOps Kit for Azure”? This is all you need to set up Azure for your enterprise with control and compliance. It is a collection of tools, extensions, automations etc. It has six major areas, Secure the subscription Enable secure development Integrate security in CI/CD Continuous Assurance Alerting and Monitoring Cloud… Read more

Azure Update January 2018

Jan 31 General availability: Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls for Azure Storage Jan 30 .NET Core 2.0 support for App Service on Linux Jan 29 General availability: Azure Network Watcher in Microsoft Azure Germany Jan 29 General availability: Azure Network Watcher in Microsoft Azure Government Jan 29 Azure DevTest Labs: Set expiration date for… Read more

CentOS 7 changing other user password

I forgot one user’s password. Luckily, I could remember the root password. That enables me to change the other user password even if I don’t recall the current one. $ sudo su $ passwd username This prompted me to give the new password and confirm. That’s it…. Read more