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DevOps in Azure

DevOps Project makes it easy to get started on Azure. It helps you launch an app on the Azure service of your choice in a few quick steps. DevOps Project set you up with everything you need for developing, deploying and monitoring your app.

Creating a DevOps Project provisions Azure resources and comes with a Git code repository, Application Insights integration and a continuous delivery pipeline setup to deploy to Azure. The DevOps Project dashboard lets you monitor code commits, builds and, deployments, from a single view in the Azure portal.

Key benefits of DevOps Project:

  • Get up and running with a new app and a full DevOps pipeline in just a few minutes
  • Support for a wide range of popular frameworks such as .NET, Java, PHP, Node, and Python
  • Start fresh or bring your own application from Github
  • Built-in Application Insights integration for instant analytics and actionable insights
  • Cloud-powered CI/CD using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

DevOps Projects are powered by VSTS and gives you a head start in developing and deploying your applications.  From the initial starting point a DevOps Project provides, you can very easily:

  • Customize your build and release pipeline – ex. add a test environment to your pipeline to validate before going to prod
  • Use pull requests to manage your codeflow & keep your quality high
  • Test and build each commit before you merge your code to raise the quality bar
  • Track your Project backlog and issues right along with your application

This would help you create the DevOps pipeline with just few clicks.


This would let you select the type of application you may want to build


Or you can bring your own code


If you select .NET then you can either select ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core


How do you want to deploy?


The last step would let you select the or create new Visual Studio Team Services,


Then it would create necessary Azure services,


I urge you to play with this “preview” feature and give feedback. Thanks.