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Being a Consultant why it is so important to keep learning

Being a Developer Consultant you keep on working hard on the projects for your customer. This demands a great deal of learning time. As a consultant you are a billable resource and simply cannot use your customer’s time and money to learn things. You need to learn thing while on run. In a meeting when someone is talking about somethings which you have no clue about you keep a note on that and as soon as you are out of the meeting you quickly glance through the resource available online. Remember one thing, no learning plan is sufficient unless there is a customer need. Because you will have no time to implement. Until you implement you will never get the level of confidence to be able to sell your idea based on that technology. Over the last few months I have learned a great deal of technologies and toolsets and was able to implement them in real project scenario. They are not “Hello World” solutions but they are real stuff which customer is planning to earn their revenue. Pretty serious stuff.

I happen to be pure Microsoft guy, but since my work demanded on work on some other environment I have been able to explore and work on things like, 

  1. JIRA – User Story and backlog management
  2. Confluence – Wiki for documentations
  3. Bamboo – Build Server
  4. BDD – using SpectFlow and Gherkin
  5. TDD using NUnit and FakeItEasy
  6. Psake
  7. Git
  8. Resharper

I am planning to write some of my experiences and to me is a journey to cherish. Sometime I wonder this world of information is so huge and time is the only constraint.