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Azure PowerShell : Shutdown All Azure VMs

To Shutdown all Azure VM you don’t need to go to individual and then press the button. But run an elegant PowerShell

$AzureSubscriptions = Get-AzureSubscription
foreach ($subscription in $AzureSubscriptions)
    Write-Host $subscription.SubscriptionName

    Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName $subscription.SubscriptionName
    #Write-Host $subscription.SubscriptionName
    foreach ($vm in Get-AzureVM)
        $name = $vm.Name
        $servicename = $vm.ServiceName
        If($vm.Status -ne 'StoppedDeallocated')
            # Add the VM's which should not be shutdown 
            Write-Host 'Stopping ' + $name
            Stop-AzureVM -Service $servicename -name $name
        # do lots of other stuff