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Team Foundation Server 2013 : Books Free and Paid

Professional Team Foundation Server 2012 (free e-book plus link to purchase hardcover book) Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012 (links to free e-book and purchase paperback) Install Team Foundation Server 2012: the ultimate guide for installing TFS (free e-book in many formats) Upgrade Team Foundation Server 2012: the ultimate upgrade guide (free e-book… Read more

Team Foundation Server 2013 : Learning Videos

Modern Application Lifecycle Management (1 hour, 11 minutes) What’s New for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 (1 hour, 18 minutes) Climbing the Agile Testing Ladder featuring Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, Microsoft Test Manager 2013, and Lab Management 2013 (1 Hour, 10 minutes) Namoskar!!!… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 : New enhanced scroll bar #7

You will not imagine unless you play with this feature. Scrollbar was never a charm like this After you do this your scrollbar would look like Also you may see the code preview in a popup Alternatively you can get them when you right click to a scroll bar Namoskar!!!… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 : Enhanced “Go to Definition” #3

F12 or Go to Definition is one of the most used features for developers. It was there in Visual Studio 2013 since very long. Now you can either select Alt+F12 or select “Peek Definition” After you select it You go on and on. After sometime you will find a blue breadcrumb Namoskar!!!… Read more